XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.

What Does That Mean In English

XAMPP is a very useful productivity tool for designers because it allows you to set up WordPress websites locally on your computer. That way, you are not dependent on a live server to design and build your site but can do it privately and without anyone noticing when you mess up.

The program is open source and that means it’s FREE. Plus, it’s pretty easy to set up.

Now, How Di I Backup And Move My WordPress


After you have built your site offline, how do you get it onto the live server? You can do it manually, however, an easier way is to use a migration plugin.

One of the most comfortable solutions is Duplicator. Just install and activate, zip up your site, upload it to the new server, execute the installer and follow the instructions, done. You can also use it to back up your site.