Beat Your Competitors Using SEO

No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s one thing that we all share: we have competitors. Okay, this isn’t true for a monopoly, but that isn’t likely to happen online, The most likely scenario on the internet is finding a competitor, or two, or a thousand all competing for that number one position. When you put your business online, you have joined the competition. In order to be a winner, you have to know the tactics for successfully competing. It’s a game with extreme consequences, and winning is the only goal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important method you can use to efficiently compete with others in your field. In order to compete, however, you need to know and understand whom you are competing with. You have to understand competition even more than you know your own business. And, thankfully, there are methods available to help you do this.

Spy on your competitionWatch Your Competitors Website For Ranking Clues

You need to go to your competitor’s websites. Look for all the sites you can find that may be selling anything similar to your products. Take note of those who top the search engine lists. You need to discover how these sites got to the top of the list. During your visits, notice design, keywords, graphics, titles and anything else that might influence their search engine rank.

Once you’ve done all of your research, search for ways to improve the quality of your own site. Think about the different kinds of content, more effective keywords, and any other changes that will make your stand out above the others. Keep in mind, that this is an ongoing process. You will need to do this on a regular basis to stay above the competition. Remember, they’re watching you too.

Test Changes to see if they workDevelop Unique and Interesting Content

In addition to looking at others for ideas, try to come up with methods that others haven’t tried yet. New and different will increase your position. Just make sure whatever you try that is new or different, you setup a test drive before you depend too much on it.

A final note: keep double checking over what you’ve found. Decide what is effective and what just fizzled out. Watch your competitors for what they are trying. This is a never-ending process. It is the most effective way to win over the competition online, and it will determine your success or failure.

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