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SEO Dave in SacramentoAre you looking for Sacramento SEO services by experts at improving your rank and traffic and getting more customers to your website? We use Local SEO to GROW your business. Tech-Line was founded in 1987 and for the next 3 decades we’ve helped businesses grow and prosper in Sacramento and nation-wide. We are Sacramento’s trusted SEO company and are skilled in the latest and safest ways to improve your search engine placement.

Sacramento Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is somewhat of an umbrella term that covers the marketing of products and services online. This includes websites, display advertising, mobile phones and social media. Digital marketing can also be defined as promoting of a brand, products or services via multiple forms of electronic media and is different from more traditional forms of marketing in that it uses of multiple channels and techniques that enable a company to analyze its campaigns and define what is working and what isn’t.

Sacramento Area SEO Tactics

Here’s an example of some places to start marketing online. First, you may want to have a website built or have you older website redesigned to make sure it’s up-to-date and mobile compatible. Next you want to make sure you content is search friendly and optimized for great search results. Then you want to have good inbound links from reliable directories and local sites. A very important thing here is to make sure all the data on all your listings is correct and matches. We offer a management program that will manage your local listings at all the top sites and make sure they stay synced.

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