Sacramento Website Designer Shows The Basics

Many websites are stuck in the past or in need an update. Is Yours? Here’s a quick peek at some basics of a successful website, according to a recent Add People info-graphic.

Responsive design (a design that adjusts to viewing screen size.) is a must in today’s mobile-device world. “As explained by Add People, responsive website designs will respond or adjust to the screen size of various different devices automatically.

Your logo, website font, and the colors on your website need to match your brand. “Websites need a consistent look and feel and language to create trust with your website visitors. This helps to build your brand’s identity.

It’s also becoming important avoid over-used stock photos. Websites that use unique graphics rather than generic stock images often have up to a 48% higher conversion rate.

To learn more about website tactics that interest and intrigue your visitors, check this infographic.

Web design infographic

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Good Website Design

Designers now need to create a website that takes advantage of voice searches. A web developer needs to think od searched that beging “How do I”, “Show me”, “Where can I” types of searches.